About Bennett

New Canadian Authors: Bennett R. Coles of Vancouver BC. Military Science Fiction Author.Bennett R. Coles is a Canadian author who served 15 years as an officer in the Royal Canadian Navy, based primarily out of CFB Esquimalt, Canada’s main Pacific naval base. His deployments took him around most of the Pacific Rim and included such highlights as being in the first Canadian task force to visit Vladivostok since the fall of the Soviet Union, and being selected as the liaison officer to the Chinese Navy for its first ever visit to Canada. He was the first Canadian officer to set foot aboard a Chinese warship in Canadian waters, advising the Chinese captain and admiral for the day-long passage.

Throughout his career he undertook a variety of roles such as bridge officer, boarding party officer, warfare officer and navigator. He served several years in staff positions, including the start-up team for Operation APOLLO, which initiated Canada’s decade of support to the post-9/11 mission in Afghanistan. The highlight of his career was a pair of tours in the Middle East as a UN Military Observer, the first in Syria and the second in Lebanon. 

He retired from active duty in 2005 and has since pursued a business career. He makes his home in Victoria, Canada, with his wife and two sons. Always wanting to give back to the publishing industry, he has found himself heading up the maverick publishing company Promontory Press, dedicated to giving talented new authors the shot at the traditional market they deserve. 

Talk about hitting the ground running. Coles doesn’t pull any punches. The fast-moving pace of the story is terrific and makes it an absolute pleasure to read.

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