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A review of the motion picture Warcraft

Bennett R. Coles | June 23, 2016

Once in a generation, a motion picture masterpiece comes along which changes the way we think about the world. Warcraft is a visually stunning, epic drama which confronts the challenging issues that face us today as a society. Racism, environmentalism, the corruption brought by power and even parenthood are vividly explored in this thought-provoking work. If ever there was – a… single –


I’m sorry, I can’t type any more with a straight face.

This movie is based on a video game, people! A mighty fine game in its day, to be sure, but a game built on the premise that there are good guys (humans) and bad guys (orcs) who just kill each other on sight. Not a lot of social commentary going on there. But really, what did you expect?

My biggest disappointment with Warcraft was that none of the characters actually spoke like the cartoon figures in the game. I really, really wanted a peasant to look up and “Yes, milord… Awright,” before shuffling off to gather resources. And I wanted every knight to say “For the king,” in a deep, booming voice whenever he was clicked.

Despite these variations from the game’s canon, however, the folks who made this movie did manage to create a pretty entertaining couple of hours for the audience. Now, let me be clear. I went into the theatre with my expectations set even lower than they were for Jurassic World, and consequently I was totally in the right headspace for what Blizzard Entertainment served up for me.

Genuinely stunning visuals, more action than you can shake a severed arm at, and a thunderous musical score that just kept the blood pounding – that is what Warcraft delivered. And I think it’s fair to say that’s exactly what it promised.

So… Maybe Warcraft loses a few marks for artistic genius, and I doubt it will ever be studied in film schools. But it was entertaining as anything, and on a scale of 1 to 10 for taking a 90’s video game and turning it into a feature film, this baby is dialled up to 11.


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