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Apparently, I was actually awesome

Bennett R. Coles | November 15, 2010

I had the opportunity to speak to a local high school at their assembly before Remembrance Day. Squeezing into my Navy tunic and UN blue beret, and flashing around the bling earned from 15 years of service, I spoke about the Canadian military and its history since World War I, as well as a few minutes on my own small role within. I wasn't sure how the talk was going, as the assembled student body didn't seem to be reacting at all, but I was assured that silence from teenagers is a very good thing - it means I'd captured their interest enough to actually stop them from texting, poking, giggling, etc.

A few days ago I received a thank you card from the school, and in it were individual comments submitted by the Grade 11 class. Here is just a sampling:

"Thanks for coming. I learned a lot more about war and some issues in the world." 
- Eric

"I am... deeply in love with... your hat."
- Anonymous

"Thanks for showing us that the Canadian Forces are really evident in the world today! Your speech was so cool!"
- Brandon

"You are the man!!! Thanx for speaking. I really enjoyed it and it was actually AWESOME!
- Paul

So there you have it. No only did I not suck, but I was actually AWESOME!

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