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Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated...

Bennett R. Coles | May 19, 2015

It's been a long time since my last article - nearly two years, according to my own blog's reckoning. Well, a lot of neat stuff has happened to this little author in those two years. That is, if signing a three-book deal with a major publisher, quitting my day job to become a professional author and joining the battle for the future of publishing can be considered "a lot".

First off, the book deal. Shortly after I saw my second novel published by Promontory Press, it so happened that one of the biggest names in fantasy, Steven Erikson, wandered into a high-end bookstore looking for a good SF read. He saw my first novel, noted it was an award winner, and picked it up. He loved it, promptly bought Book II, loved it, and then Facebooked me out of the blue. As we happened to live in the same city, he wondered if I had time for a coffee.

Um, yeah... I have time for Steven Erikson.

So we meet, hit it off, get chatting about books, writing, life, the universe and everything, and he winds up introducing me to his agent. This leads to a lovely little bidding war in New York for the rights to my books, and I eventually signed a three-book deal with the awesome Titan Books of London.

My first book, Virtues of War, is being re-published by Titan (and distributed in North America by Random House) on 30 June 2015. Book II, with the great new name Ghosts of War, is following in March 2016. Book III, March of War, is coming in January of 2017. It's all very fun and exciting stuff.

I was able to quit my day job - the dream of every author - but I did so not only to focus more on the writing. I was also able to turn my attention to growing what had been up until then more or less a hobby into a full-fledged business: my own publishing company Promontory Press. Still thinking very much as an author, I've built Promontory with authors in mind, even though we still publish, distribute and sell through the established, traditional channels. The publishing world is ripe for change, as the Establishment is threatened on all sides by ebooks, Amazon, self-publishing, POD and a general, growing awareness by authors that they have options. Not that I think the Wild West of self-publishing is the answer - not unless some serious quality controls can be universally enforced - but without doubt the times they are a-changing. And I believe in being right there at the leading edge.

I promise to not go another two years before blogging again. And something tells me there is going to be an awful lot to talk about moving forward. 

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