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So what do I think are the virtues of war?

Bennett R. Coles | June 9, 2011

As I've had the chance to meet the reading public, it's been very interesting to see the reaction some people have to the title of the novel. Some have visibly cringed away as soon as they see the word "war" and I even had one observer shout:

"There are no virtues of war!"

So I thought I'd address the issue that seems to cause some concern: Is the novel pro-war?

The answer is no. But I'd like to clarify that it isn't anti-war either. In my humble opinion, war is a very complex human endeavor that rarely happens for simple reasons and is rarely black and white. I think that war can bring out both the very best and the very worst in individual human beings, and it's at this personal level that I focused the story. The astro-political situation that our heroes finds themselves operating in is left vague on purpose. Neither Katja, Thomas, Breeze nor (particularly) Jack know all the reasons why they've been ordered to do what they do. All they can do is deal with their personal situations as best they can, for good or ill.

This book is about the warriors, not the war. If you're interested in finding the virtues, look there first.

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