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Virtues of Haiku

Bennett R. Coles | December 15, 2010

I recently received a very nice letter from a fan. He began by apologizing for not having paid for his copy of VIRTUES, as he'd been given it by a fellow airline passenger while they were stuck in Montreal overnight (thank you, once again, Air Canada). He enjoyed the book and wanted to make it up to me for having received the book for free by penning some haiku poetry in VIRTUES' honour:

Guns checked to ready:
The drop-ship ramp is lowered.
Katja breathes in deep.

Silence curdles thought
In the cold space of the Bulk.
Viking-Two, hunting.

Centauri ships fire;
Space debris cold, yet teeming.
And Breeze; still scheming

The book apparently inspires poets - I can't think of much higher praise than that. I'm honoured.

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