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Bennett R. Coles | November 10, 2010

Tomorrow, all across Canada and in many countries around the world, we will pause in our hectic lives to remember those brave men and women who sacrificed so much for us. It pains me that this sacrifice is often taken for granted, and that so many of us don't realize what our lives might be like had these men and women not stood up to evil empires like the Nazis, Imperial Japan or Communism. And leave your revisionist history nonsense in the dustbin - the rulers of these empires were our enemies, even if their poor, innocent people were dragged along as victims. It is the leaders of these empires who made the decisions - another truth that is often forgotten in our free, democratic society - and they would have shown us no mercy. If our men and women in uniform hadn't taken a stand against these enemies, we might today be victims as well.

And while the world today doesn't have evil empires in the same way, and no-one is seriously threatening Canadian freedom, there are still evil people out there doing evil things to victims all around the world. Today our soldiers defend the rights of innocents in other lands - something else we take for granted here at home. Overseas, people are stunned and amazed that we would care enough to go half-way around the world and sacrifice ourselves for people we've never met and who hold no strategic interests for us. Trust me, while some in Canada deride our missions, the common folks in Kandahar, Darfur, Haiti, Syria and other places are very appreciative of our efforts to keep them safe and to let them lead semi-normal lives.

To all my colleagues, the men and women of the CF past and present, thank-you. We remember.


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