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Bennett R. Coles takes top prize for military science fiction

Adrian Chamberlain | May 1, 2013

Victoria author Bennett R. Coles won a North America-wide award for his novel, Virtues of War.
He was awarded the first place Blue Ribbon for the Military Science Fiction category of the Cygnus Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy.

The book is now a finalist for the Cygnus Book of the Year Award, presented later this year.

The book’s sequel, Casualties of War, is due for release on Wednesday. The official launch will take place at Munro’s Books on Saturday between 2:30 and 3:30pm.

— Adrian Chamberlain

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I have read considerable military SF by master authors like David Weber, Michael Z. Williamson, David Drake and others, and Virtues of War is at least their equal.

Fred Patten