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GHOSTS OF WAR goes on sale today

Bennett R. Coles | August 2, 2016

Titan Books is pleased to announce that Book II of the Virtues of War trilogy, GHOSTS OF WAR, goes on sale worldwide today.

"Book II is very different from its predecessor," says author Bennett R. Coles. "It's still military science fiction, but whereas VIRTUES OF WAR told of what happens to young soldiers in war, GHOSTS tells of what happens to those soldiers when they come home from war. They're changed forever by their experiences. And the world they left behind to fight for often doesn't understand or appreciate them."

And while the main characters each deal with their own challenges of returning home, there is a new threat to Terra. Rather than engage the mighty Terran Fleet in open battle again, Centauria deploys a new kind of weapon right into the heart of Terran society.

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Coles writes with veracity, with a delicious streak of subversion.

Steven Erikson
Best-selling author of the "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series