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Virtues of War review from the Vancouver Writes festival

Sean Conley | March 1, 2011

"Virtues of War is a stunning, action-packed Sci Fi adventure. It's classified as military Sci Fi, which can be quite the deterrent for some, but I implore all readers to put aside your preconceived notions and I guarantee that by page fifty, those notions about military Sci Fi will be thrown out the window. And you will be enveloped with characters and adventure richer than anything you’ve read in the past ten years.

Starting off with an action sequence, the writing will hook most readers right off the bat. But if action is not your thing, just keep reading and you'll quickly realize that this book isn't about the action, but the toll that it takes on a soldier doing what she"s told to do.
Virtues is set in the Sirius "Dog Star" system, where war is brewing between the human colonies and Earth. It follows four main characters - complex characters that are all very realistic - as the conflict evolves. The realism of the writing makes this Sci Fi adventure feel as if it’s right at your doorstep, with you and your friends fighting the war.
Morally wise, and delightfully aware of how space war would be fought, Virtues of War is a must read. The dynamics of war are brought vividly to life and through the characters its true costs are revealed. Virtues of War is a gripping novel about the strength of will that ordinary people can find within, and is quite possibly the best action Sci Fi novel since Starship Troopers."

Sean Conley, Vancouver Writes

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