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War Child review of Virtues of War

Emma Cosgrove | April 12, 2012

Virtues of War is a sci-fi novel that follows the lives of fleet officers of the Terran Astral Force. The strength of Virtues of War is in the character development. Rather than a novel about the glory of battle, Virtues of War digs deep and focuses on the impact that war has on the characters. It is through these characters that the reader begins to fully understand the severe impact that carrying out commands can have on soldiers and the impact that ordering commands can have on their superiors. After getting to know each of the characters in Virtues of War, I had trouble putting the book down. Whether you are a sci-fi fan or not, Virtues of War is a great read.

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Virtues of War is a straight-shooting non-stop tale of military adventure in a troubled future.

Charles E. Gannon
Author of "Fire with Fire"