Life in the FAst LAne

Coles writes with veracity, with a delicious streak of subversion.

Steven Erikson
Best-selling author of the "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series

There is a dark underbelly to every city, and one group of professionals spend most of their time lurking within. Unloved, unappreciated and mostly unseen: tow truck drivers. Join accomplished magazine columnist and 20-year towing veteran Aidan Coles as he blows the hood off the true story of what being a towman is.

Ever wondered why tow trucks seem to block the middle of a busy street in rush hour for no apparent reason? Or how tow truck drivers seem to always know exactly where the illegally-parked cars are? Or even what happens to those cars once they’ve been hauled away? This book reveals all, from high-speed impacts to high-jinks on scooters.

Take it from the author himself: “I’ve been the low boy all the way to general manager and have done every job in the industry including toilets. Yes, I’ve impounded a portable toilet.”

Hilarious, poignant and revealing, Life in the Fast Lane will ensure you never look at a tow truck the same way again.

Bennett R. Coles was the principal editor of this fine work, steering his big brother and author Aidan as best a little brother and editor can.