Virtues of WAr

Vicarious thrill rides that get the reader’s heart pumping, and battle scenes wrought with suspense.

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Glossary of Terms

The Astral Force is a military organization, and every such organization can’t go for long without instituting TLA’s (Three-Letter Abbreviations). In order to help some readers who may lack military experience, here is a helpful glossary of some of the most common terms:

AAR - Anti-Armour Robot (a heavily armoured, flying Centauri war machine which is specifically designed to counter Terran tanks but can also serve as a general-purpose heavy weapon)

AAW – Anti-Attack Warfare (referring to defence against incoming missiles and fighters)

APR - Anti-Personnel Robot (an armoured, rolling Centauri war machine which is primarily designed to counter Terran infantry but can also serve as a general-purpose, front line weapon)

ASW – Anti-Stealth Warfare (referring to attack and defence against stealth ships in the Bulk)

AVW – Anti-Vessel Warfare (referring to attack against enemy ships)

CO - Commanding Officer (the captain of an Astral Force ship)

CPA – Closest Point of Approach (referring to vessels passing each other in space)

ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival

FAC – Fast-Attack Craft (a small, atmosphere-capable ship designed for surface raids and for boarding other ships in space)

OOW – Officer of the Watch (the officer on the bridge who is responsible for the overall operations of the ship)

XO - Executive Officer (the second in command of an Astral Force ship)


Also, a note on name pronunciations – several key characters have names which apparently cause some readers trouble. Here is how you say them:

Katja Emmes – Kaht-yah Ehm-mez

Kete Obadele – Kay-tay Oh-bah-day-lay

Merje Emmes – Mair-yeh Ehm-mez