Virtues of WAr

Virtues of War is a straight-shooting non-stop tale of military adventure in a troubled future.

Charles E. Gannon
Author of "Fire with Fire"

Ranks of the Astral Force

The mission of the Astral Force is to protect the space lanes and control the dangerous transition zone between planetary surfaces and open space. To accomplish this mission, the Astral Force is divided into two main divisions: the Fleet, which with its ships conducts war in space, and the Corps, which with its brigades of troops drops from orbit to establish safe landing zones for the Terran Army to commence dedicated surface operations.

Although integrated to a degree, with members of each division encouraged to do at least one tour of duty with the other, the Corps and the Fleet are distinct fighting entities with their own customs and requirements. The lower officer ranks are mainly identical to encourage cooperation and exchange postings between junior leaders, but at the more senior ranks the need for clearly separated lines of authority has been proven essential. Among the enlisted ranks, the roles are too specialized and division distinction is required.

The equivalent ranks of the Corps and the Fleet are listed below. Those in italics are appointments, not ranks. For example, a brigade colonel is still the same rank as the other colonels in the brigade, but the brigade colonel is the deputy brigade commander and thus has authority over his or her peers while serving in that role.


Space Military Ranks for War in Space